Illustration Experiment Continue

As mentioned before, I got interested in illustration and decided to learn more about it by trying more. First of all I did a simple one, but I use a new technique as I opened a pattern I found and made it a “defined pattern” so that the selected part of the illustration could be filled with it.

This is the pattern I found:


And this is the simple Illustration I used: Image

After a variety of techniques, this is the final version of illustration:illustration3BLOG

The background was also filled as a “Defined Pattern” and its percentage appearance was changed so that it would appear nicely. I also added a gradient “fill in” to the line striped on the shorts.

Later on, I created a new illustration work. This time, I wanted it to be more complicated and to be with more details.

This is the original view of the illustration:


After using variety of techniques mentioned and used before, this is the final version I got:


All in all, I think I leavened the basic rules of changing the appearance of the illustrations and will be using them later on.



This time I had to find an image of black&white illustration in order to add some colour, texture and make it more “alive”.

This is the original image I found:


First of all, I added a pattern to a chosen part(selected by lasso previously).

Image Then, I simply had to chose part by part of the illustration and add some colour as well as change its brightness and capacity to make it appear nice.

So here is the final version of my illustration:


I also made some part of the image darker and smoothed the edges by using appropriate tools.

About a week ago, I used the same template illustration and made a better version of it, but sadly I lost the photoshop-version of it, so the “JPEG” file is the only one left.


This version appears to be brighter and more accurate as I used different ways of using colour layers.

All in all, I enjoyed the process a lot and will definitely experiment more with it!