Selection Colour Editing

This time we were presented the way to use a scanned image and chose a particular part of it by using a “Rectangular Marque Tool” and holding a “Shift” button. This part was used on my concept board to show some material that could be used for this project.

This is the original material scanned previously. Image

And this is the Concept Board after editing a showed part of the scanned image into it.  conceptboard2BLOG

Then, I had to chose an image(which appeared to be a photograph made by me a year ago) and use a Polygonal Lasso Tool to crop it. This tool allows to crop an image in an accurate way.

ImageThis is the original photo I used.

After cropping it out from the background, I smoothed the edges. Also, I used the same image to Feather the edge and then edited the color(hue/saturation) to my selection. Here is the final version of the image in a “JPEG” format: Selection Colour EditingBLOG

Also, I had to apply the knowledge I gained to the concept board, so I simply moved the image created into my concept boardconceptboard3BLOG

I think this lesson was very useful as this knowledge will help create a better versions of work later on. Also, this time there were much more details while creating the concept board which made it even more interesting.