Illustration Experiment Continue

As mentioned before, I got interested in illustration and decided to learn more about it by trying more. First of all I did a simple one, but I use a new technique as I opened a pattern I found and made it a “defined pattern” so that the selected part of the illustration could be filled with it.

This is the pattern I found:


And this is the simple Illustration I used: Image

After a variety of techniques, this is the final version of illustration:illustration3BLOG

The background was also filled as a “Defined Pattern” and its percentage appearance was changed so that it would appear nicely. I also added a gradient “fill in” to the line striped on the shorts.

Later on, I created a new illustration work. This time, I wanted it to be more complicated and to be with more details.

This is the original view of the illustration:


After using variety of techniques mentioned and used before, this is the final version I got:


All in all, I think I leavened the basic rules of changing the appearance of the illustrations and will be using them later on.


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