Finishing up the Concept Board

This is the last week I work on the Concept Board and it is an exciting moment as I finally get to see the final view of my work.

So, first of all, I changed the concept board a bit this time as I did not like the appearance, I included a cropped picture of Audrey Hepburn unto it and deleted some of the ones I had.

This was the new original image I used:


This is the concept board before adjusting any new techniques(however I did add one – glow of the material scanned):


I also used a variety of techniques, such as “blending mode” which allied me to change the outlook of the layer. I also chapped the “Layer opacity” which is kind of blending mode but it only changes the way one image appears comparing to another, it may be not bright(20%) or in its normal way(100%).


In this concept board I used”Fill color” for background as it is divided into 2 to make images appear in a nice way.

Then, I edited some text to identify the purpose of the concept board “F/W14” and some text to reflect the atmosphere of the board. I also Rasterized a “Bonjour” Text Layer so it appeared as a layer not as a “text”.

After all the adjustments and techniques, this is the final version of the concept board created: conceptboardFINALBLOG

I really enjoyed using variety of techniques and applying them to my concept board and thought this is the first ever time creating something like this, I like its the final look and look forward to creating more!


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